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To our very special grandchildren: You are certainly a gift from God, each of you has been a complete joy to us. We love you all, and we pray daily that God would reveal himself to you. Each one of us including each of you is required to keep all His commandments.  2“Honor your father and mother.” This is the first commandment with a promise: 3 If you honor your father and mother, “things will go well for you, and you will have a long life on the earth Ephesians 6

How to honor our father and mother?

Obeying them

A Father’s Exhortation: Acquire Wisdom

8 My child, listen when your father corrects you.

Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction.

9 What you learn from them will crown you with grace and be a chain of honor around your neck.

  1. Be nice and cheerful to them When they ask you to do something for them?

  2. Show them respect when you talk to them.

  3. Spend time with them.

  4. Be unselfish.


For God said: 'Honor your father and mother' and 'Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.  Matthew 15:4

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