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To my beautiful daughters, and your families

I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of each of you, as a daughter, wife, and mother. And as husbands’ fathers and sons. I was planning to give you my book, beyond reasonable doubt and the DVD called The Way, this DVD is depicting how God is calling His children out of the Church. The DVD describes why your mother and I left the church. I was planning to give you my book before I went into surgery, however, my editor was a little under distress and I didn't get it to publisher in time, I really wanted you to have my resource books in case I didn't make it through the surgery, I also thought you would be more inclined to study them. 

God said the purpose of life is to keep His commandments Ecclesiastes 12:13. and how he wants us to live and love him. It’s all there in the first books of the Bible, the church calls them the law, but God said they are His instructions. It boils down to this, are we going live as His Son and obey his commandments, which leads to eternal life or you are going to follow manmade traditions, your church which leads to eternal death. John 3:36

 This sounds harsh, but that is what God said. When you study my books, you will discover quickly there are verses attached to everything. God said “Sin is not keeping his commandments”

1 John 3:4, and the proof that you are born again is that you will refuse to practice sinning 1 John 3:9. This next verse is one you will never hear in church.  We all die once then we are judged by God, Hebrews 9:27. Now the good part, He sent His Son, He paid for our sins, He nailed the curse of sin and death to the cross; not the law of God. Galatians 3:13, he showed us how to live by keeping His food Laws, Keeping the Sabbath, Keeping GOD’s FEAST DAYS and keeping all the Commandments. 

He told us the good news that God’s kingdom is coming to a new earth Luke 4:43 it is a 1,300mile cube He calls the new Jerusalem and then He will dwell among us. We must repent, get baptized in His name of Yeshua and then He will give us His Spirit Acts 2:38. The Spirit will teach us and help us keep God’s commandments and statutes. Our proof that we are born again is that we will refuse to practice sinning, our life will look like His. Then we will live our life to please him. 1 John 3:9. 

Since then, I rewrote my book, after we received the books from the publisher mom discovered several errors, I paid for a spelling check, however it changes the meaning of several words. I believe God inspired me to write these books, keep in mind He chooses people like me because I should be the last person you would expect to put His words together in this form. 

Between both books, there are over 60,000 words and over 700 bible verses. I would wake up almost every morning around 3 am with another verse that proved that God’s word support against most of the Christian teachings. 

The question I asked myself is, am I ready to face God’s angry judgment?


I remember how I thought I was good enough to be first in line through the pearly gates. I went to church twice a week, bible study once a week, I witnessed to strangers, I collected shoes, stuffed animals, toothbrushes, I fed the homeless, witnessed to patients in nursing homes, we gave over 30,00 tracks out and I built 3 Christian websites, I took a stranger into our home. We helped so many people we lost count. I could keep going; however, I didn't keep God’s commandment, I refused to follow His Leviticus food instructions, I didn't keep His Holy Sabbath and went to church on a day I chose. I celebrated Pagan Christmas, Easter, and Halloween while eating unclean food. And I didn't teach my children His Commandments, or how we were to live as His Son did. I wake up every morning thinking of what I can say to get you to see you are on the same path I was on. It is overwhelming the amount of information I’m giving you. But it doesn't change the fact that God wrote his instructions down in His Torah the first five books in the bible and He expects everyone to obey them and follow and obey His Son.   These verses are: God’s own words, rejecting them is rejecting God Himself, which has eternal consequences. The one who belongs to God listens and responds to God's words. John 8:47 As your father, I will never stop trying to protect you, even until my last breath, I am willing to give my life and even my soul to protect you and your family. God blessed me with all this information. and I am giving it to you. These three words, show God's love by Obedience, the only place to find Truth is in His Torah, and if we are not in His spirit we can't, please Him.  The thing that haunts me most in life is on the day of judgment, you say Daddy why didn't you make me listen?      DAD   

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